Why Do You Hate Science?

Happy Lappy just won the right to screw over their employees because they (as all-wise christianist hypocrites) believe that IUD’s and the “Plan B” pill (also called the “morning after” pill, or emergency contraception) are instruments of abortion–and therefore murder, in their eyes. And everyone is against murder, right?

Never mind that even if fertilization occurs (which it doesn’t) what might get implanted (it doesn’t) isn’t a fetus yet, but a blastocyst. Never mind that; you don’t need to know the biology of human pregnancy, let alone what a blastocyst is, to understand the studies which state that it doesn’t happen.

NYT Article: How Hobby Lobby Ruling Could Limit Access to Birth Control

Here’s the money quote:

IUDs come in a number of forms. They can be inert, or have copper or hormones embedded within them. Most scientists believe that they interfere with the ability of sperm to get to an egg in time to fertilize it before they die.

Research does not support the idea that they prevent fertilized eggs to implant. 

Emphasis added. So, why do these people hate science?

Another quote:

Emergency contraception, which is really just a large dose of the hormones in a birth control pill, works in a similar manner. The pills can thicken the mucus in the cervix to make it difficult for sperm to reach the egg, and they prevent ovulation from occurring in the first place. Because the doses of medication are very short-term, they probably cannot affect the uterine lining in such a way as to affect implantation.

Moreover, the fact that both of these forms of contraception can fail, and allow pregnancies to occur, provides evidence that if a fertilization occurs, it can move on to implant and grow.

So again I ask, why do these people hate science? Why do they continue to maintain as fact something that is not fact at all, but the same ignorance we’ve seen from religious people throughout history?

Indeed, it seems that religions have always hated science. And they want their views to be respected? Hmmm…

I’ve also seen maps debunking climate science by claiming that since the Arctic ice extent is increasing, that cooling, instead of warming, is occurring.

Never mind that these people refuse to understand the difference between climate and weather. People who believe the world is 6,000 years old might have a hard time understanding time scales longer than their noses, but here’s some climate data for you. Note the trend in Arctic sea ice coverage over just the last 40 years alone:

Arctic Sea Ice Change Over Time

Yet another blowhard Republican office-seeker (i.e., lobbyist-in-training), thinks that global warming is the greatest hoax in the history of mankind. Really, greater even than christianism?

GOP Lawmaker Says Climate Change Is ‘The Greatest Deception In The History Of Mankind’

And here’s another from that widly respected scientific journal, Forbes:

Record Antarctic Ice Extent Throws Cold Water On Global Warming Scare

And yet, here’s an article that might give you a clue about the extremely complex interactions between climate and weather. For instance, warming can cause snowstorms and droughts. That’s what the science tells us, and politically motivated distortions serve one purpose only: to keep profits high for corporations.

Union of Concerned Science: Global Warming and Weather

Relevant Quote:

The Arctic summer sea ice extent broke all records during the end of the 2012 sea ice melt season. Some researchers are pointing to a complex interplay between Arctic sea ice decline, ocean patterns, upper winds, and the shifting shape of the jet stream that could lead to extreme weather in various portions of northern mid-latitudes — such that some places get tons of snow repeatedly and others are unseasonably warm.

And I ask you, why do people hate science?

The answer is simple:

The Universal Lubricant

The Past Is Gone

My thoughts exactly.

For those of you who like time travel, this will come as a disappointment, I know, but I’ll break it to you gently. The past doesn’t exist. For that matter, neither does the future. The perception of what physicists call the “arrow of time” is nothing more than illusion caused by our point of reference, which is also an illusion. How does an illusion perceive an illusion?

Not very well, it turns out. How do I know this? I have special knowledge passed on by aliens, the gods, and my bookie. Seriously, what a question. Of course I don’t know anything. Nobody does. That does not need to stop me from creating plausible explanations and flogging them to the highest bidder.

This is a good deal for you, since you’re not paying one fucking cent to read this. It’s exactly equivalent to looking a cat videos.

So what’s the cute little kitty doing this time? Well, would it shock you to know that what it really wants to do is eat your eyeballs? Okay, see, what you know about kittens is stuff that exists in your head and your culturally-attuned memory. What cats can and will do is limited only by their size, experience, and their own survival instincts. In other words, they would if they could. There are cats that do not share the kitten’s limitations. Take tigers for instance. They wouldn’t want to eat just your eyeballs, and wouldn’t hesitate to rip out your testicles and eat them while you lie there screaming. Never mind about that.

The point is that we live in illusion—past, present, future—all of it not-real, by definition. We rely on that illusion to keep us sane. Question the basis of your illusions, and you’re asking for deep ca-ca.

I’ve spent the last week or so sorting through my old stuff—books, stories, music, poetry (don’t worry, I won’t bring that up again, but did you know I’m a published poet, too?), gaming… a whole spectrum of things, all of which are part of the past and of the present to a varying degree, though mostly not.

There’s sex, too, though I don’t use this blog to talk about that. Not because there’s nothing to talk about, but because I’ve decided to fix a boundary there. It has nothing to do with my hosting contract, either. I suppose if I were to put sexy things here (pictures of erotically posed men, for instance) and someone complained to the management, there would be an issue, but then I could just move elsewhere. There is always an elsewhere. I own the domain, and there are always people who will host you for a fee. God knows there’s enough sex on the Internet, prohibiting it in one special place like this one seems more than a little precious. Not to mention silly. But it doesn’t matter.

So no, this blog isn’t about sex. It’s probably the only part of my life that isn’t, in one way or another. But in any case, it does free up my thinking and allow me to try to understand what’s happening to me over time. Sex has a way of stopping time; that’s a good, and also a bad, thing.

Random picture of cow.
Random picture of cow.

Nothing exists but the present, and even so I have doubts about that sometimes. I have spent a great deal of time wishing I were some-when else. Back in 6th grade, talking back. Back in 7th grade, hitting back. Back in 10th grade, shooting those motherfuckers. Back in college, making better choices. I should have told him I loved him and no, he shouldn’t marry that girl, that he should fuck me, here and now, in the goddamn student union, on the carpet, in front of everyone, goddamn show my feet to Jesus, make my asshole bleed, and we should ride away together. Back in 1996, when I should have killed myself. Hindsight is everything. It is better to live with fear and shame, or just die? It was my call, and inaction was the worst choice of all.

See, this is why I’ve decided that the past doesn’t exist, because once I agree that it does, the chorus of “you should have” grows to drown out Niagara Falls. When I look away, things are calmer. Look at it, they start up again.

Do yourself a favor. Forget about the past. You’re better off without it.

Frozen Niagara -- the only way to get the damn thing to shut the fuck up.
Frozen Niagara — the only way to get the damn thing to shut the fuck up.

InFlux Sampler

I’ve posted a  short video about InFlux, the new puzzle/platformer game from Impromptu Games over in Australia. All I can say is the game is peaceful, enchanting, with some very creative gameplay.

This looks like the perfect antidote to Elder Scrolls Online. No killing. Cool, eh?

Check out the video. Better yet, expand it fullscreen and turn on HD.

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